In order to help you design the space in way that meets all your needs, we are glad to get creative and give you multiple set up options to incorporate tables, chairs, food, or whatever else you may need for both your ceremony and reception.

The pictures below are here to give you an idea of what your special day might look like. Please note that the event capacity varies based on each of these set-ups and that some seating is in the balcony. Not each arrangement can fit a full 140 guests, so our coordinators can help you determine which layouts might be best for you and your attendees. 


Whether you want to keep things simple or you want to go all out, we can help make it happen. We are glad to assist you with the details and we also give you free reign to make the space your own. From linens to center pieces to runners to flowers, we are glad to help you bring all the details together. Our coordinators can help give you vision or can simply add helping hands to make it happen. These pictures may give you some ideas.